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Passport Suspension & Child Support

Child Support Arrears & Passport Suspension It might come as a surprise to many to learn that if you owe $2,500 or more in child support, you are not eligible to receive a U.S. passport.  However, those who care about

How To Prepare for a Child Support Consultation

Preparing For Your Child Support Consultation Ensuring your child has the means available to enjoy a healthy and stable life is the goal of caring parents. Many times the best way to provide that stability is through Court-ordered child support,

How a Criminal Record Affects Child Custody in Pennsylvania

How a Criminal Record Affects Your Child Custody Case in Pennsylvania In Pennsylvania, a criminal record can contain arrests, information collected by criminal justice agencies, and more.While most information in a criminal record is not an automatic bar to child

How Does Adultery Affect Child Custody in Pennsylvania?

How Adultery Affects Your Child Custody Battle in Pennsylvania While adultery can be relevant in some aspects of a divorce case in Pennsylvania, it usually does not affect child support obligations nor child custody in most instances.   Adultery & Child

15 Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid

15 Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid  Pursuing child custody is a stressful and very emotion-packed process. Always remember that the Court focuses on what it believes, based on the evidence presented, is in the child’s best interest. This article includes

How Depression Could Affect Your Child Custody Case in PA

How Depression Could Affect Your Child Custody Case in Pennsylvania  When going through a divorce and child custody, there is an extreme amount of stress, significant change and uncertainty and it is normal to be emotional, scared, and sad. However,

Child Custody for Stay-at-Home Moms in Pennsylvania

Child Custody for Stay-at-Home Moms in Pennsylvania  Stay-at-home parenting is a viable option in today’s world. There are certainly economic issues to be addressed, but an at-home parent can obtain custodial rights.  In the event of divorce or separation, stay-at-home

Special Needs Child Support: What You Need to Know

Special Needs Child Support in Pennsylvania  In Pennsylvania, children with special needs receive additional support because the mathematical formulas used to calculate child support do not independently take into account those additional expenses that the child needs. Evidence that items

When an Unmarried Couple with a Child Split Up

What Happens When an Unmarried Couple With a Child Separate, in Pennsylvania? When an unmarried couple with a child separates in Pennsylvania, both parents have rights and responsibilities related to the child. How to Prepare for Separating as Unmarried Parents

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