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Philadelphia Getting Firearms from Few Accused Abusers

From The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 1, 2022: Domestic violence homicides were up 240% last year. Why is Philly getting guns from so few accused abusers? Gun violence has made too many of our fellow Philadelphians live in fear of leaving

Your Pennsylvania Divorce Mediation Checklist

The idea of compromising with someone you are divorcing may seem far-fetched at first. What makes compromise possible even under the most difficult emotional circumstances is the presence and guidance of a trained divorce mediator.  You’ve heard the horror stories

A Guide to High Asset Divorces

Are you and your spouse considering divorce, and One of you earns substantially more than the other? Someone has inherited family wealth or receives funds held in trust? Someone owns a business? Someone is due deferred compensation or has unvested

Family Lawyers as ADR Facilitators

Tools to Help Achieve and Maintain Neutrality By Lee A. Schwartz and Carolyn M. Zack As family lawyers, we practice the art of civil litigation as we would engage in battle. We burnish the armor of our client’s cause, shore

Common Law Marriage in Pennsylvania

Beginning January 2005, claims of common law marriage for all relationships which began after that date, became illegal and unenforceable. Relationships prior to that date were “grandfathered in” and remained a claim that could be made. With that being said,

Automatic Divorce After Long Separation in PA

Does a Long Separation Lead to an Automatic Divorce in Pennsylvania? If you have ever heard the saying, “if it is too easy, or too good to be true, then it probably is”? That is the spot on answer to

Is Pennsylvania a Community Property State?

When you are divorcing in Pennsylvania, community property is likely one of the top concerns.  What Community Property Means Community property is generally known as the 50/50 rule. It means that in the event of a divorce, each spouse is

Child Support If the Other Parent is In Jail

Filing for Child Support If the Other Parent is in Jail The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections reports that greater than 81,000 children in PA have a parent in jail. Regardless of whether you are the parent receiving the support or

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