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Finding The Right Lawyer For You

Once you have decided to hire an attorney in a Family Law matter, be it Divorce, Custody, Support, Division of Property, Protection from Abuse, drafting a Pre- or Post- Marital Agreement, or some related area of Family Law, the next issue becomes how one goes about finding the right attorney for you. It can be very confusing.

Rather than discussing “how” to go about finding the right lawyer, whether it be by referral by a friend or another professional, research over the internet, or some other method, below you will find the factors we believe are important in making this decision.

The Enforcement Of Islamic And Jewish Marriage Contracts And Agreements In Civil Courts In Pennsylvania

Traditionally, Civil Courts (County and State Courts in Pennsylvania, as
well as Federal Courts) have been reluctant to enforce religious contracts in their
Courts, because of Constitutional issues surrounding the First Amendment
separation of Church and State. In the area of Family Law, and specifically in
discussing, negotiating and resolving Divorce issues, these religious based issues
can arise.

It’s not too early to discuss school choice with the other parent

If a person has a child approaching kindergarten in the Fall of 2020, or a child in 8th grade and ready to begin High School, choice of school issues should now be front and center.

We, at the Schwartz, Fox & Saltzman, LLC Firm, believe, and advise our clients, that the Fall season, of the year before the beginning of the following school year, is the appropriate time to determine if parents are in agreement regarding school choice. If not, a Petition for Custody (if parties have no custody order) or a Petition to Modify an existing order, should be filed right away.

New Year: It’s time to face the music

So, you’ve made it through the Holidays and New Years’, staggered to work on Monday morning, and here we are; facing a new decade. 2019, 2010….same thing…different day. Really? Is that all you’ve got?


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Custody battles Ga-lore
My son doesn’t want to go
His Father is a Schmo
My daughter says his Wife is nothing but a bore…
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
My lawyer is a Schmuck
He says my child has to be away
For Christmas Eve he cannot stay
Or I’ll being in contempt, in jail and really out of luck…..”

Cohabitation Agreements Rarely Thought Of….Very Necessary

So, you, or your Sister, or your best friend, is thinking of buying a house or condo, with his or her friend or lover. The parties are unmarried, and have no imminent plans to marry, so a Pre-Nuptial Agreement is not in order. All seems rosy and exciting, and it certainly is while that relationship between the parties is likewise wonderful. But, despite the best intentions of the parties, people change, their needs change and their relationships can change.

What happens if:…


So, you want to take your kiddos on vacation and you are separated or divorced from their other parent, there are some things you need to consider about vacations:

1. Do you have a Custody Order through the Court, with the other parent?
2. If you do have a Custody Order through the Court, is there language in the Order that speaks to vacationing?
3. If you have a Custody Order and there is no vacation language, or if you don’t have an Order at all, what should you do to make this vacation as peaceful and relaxing as possible?


In keeping with other States, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by the stroke of Governor Tom Wolf’s pen, signed into law the Pennsylvania Collaborative Law Act, on June 28, 2018. This action by the Governor served to recognize the validity of this alternative divorce process. Collaborative Law is an alternative to both a Mediation process and

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