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If You need an Emergency Custody Order

There are several ways to obtain emergency custody in the state of Pennsylvania. An emergency custody order may be granted in Pennsylvania if:

In either of these cases, a parent can seek emergency custody in Pennsylvania. This order grants a parent temporary child custody to protect the child, while the abuse allegation is addressed by the Court. It is important to have a child custody attorney represent you in these proceedings to ensure the protection of your interests and the well-being of the child.

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What is an Emergency Custody Order?

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You may seek emergency child custody in Pennsylvania as part of a protection from abuse order (restraining order). However, there needs to be evidence of actual physical harm or a threat of harm to receive a protection from abuse order. An emergency order may be granted with only the immediate risk or threat of harm, so it is often in your best interest to seek emergency custody right away if you suspect inappropriate behavior.

You will need to submit a petition to file for emergency custody with the family court. Following the emergency petition, there will be a hearing to determine whether there are grounds for granting the temporary custody. If the emergency custody is granted, a second hearing may follow to determine the final custody arrangement. It is important you work with an attorney who understands the laws and who can effectively guide you through this process.

Emergency custody orders can have negative consequences on the alleged offender. The person seeking custody may embellish the actual threat in order to obtain custody of the child. If you are the defendant in an emergency custody matter, it is important that you defend yourself. We have extensive experience handling complex domestic relations matters, including custody cases. Our family law attorneys can help protect you and your interests.

Supervised Physical Custody in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, Supervised Physical Custody occurs when the parent without custody will visit with the child while the child is in the possession and physical control of the other parent or a designated third party. If one parent has emergency custody of a child, a visitation schedule may be arranged with the other parent to help ensure the child’s wellbeing.

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