Divorce Mediation in Philadelphia

Not all divorces take place through the courts. Rather than having a couple each hire their own lawyers and go through what is often a lengthy, expensive, difficult and emotionally draining litigation process, they can often proceed through divorce mediation and obtain signed agreements for custody, support and property settlement. All that remains, once those agreements are in place, is the simple process of filing a divorce complaint and obtaining a divorce decree.

I’m Lee A. Schwartz, an attorney serving clients throughout the five-county Philadelphia area. I have been doing divorce mediation since the late 1980s, and I am a trained arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association. Contact my office to discuss your mediation needs.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution, is a process whereby a husband and wife meet with a third party, called a “mediator,” who is specially trained to hear these types of disputes and help parties reach their own agreement regarding aspects of their case, such as:

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Afterward, their agreement is written and signed and the parties obtain their divorce. Mediation, instead of litigation, does often save parties significant outlays of time, emotional distress, and money.

Is Divorce Mediation Right for Me?

Mediation is valuable when the two parties are able to manage their anger or hostility toward the other party, sit in a room with each other and work through the issues together. However, not everybody is a candidate for mediation. If you come into mediation with an agenda or to hurt the other party, mediation will not work. The process requires two people who can communicate with each other, with the help of an experienced mediator.

As a skilled mediator, I don’t represent either party. I help both parties discuss their concerns and help them work through the issues. I will counsel both parties as to what the result in court might be if they went to court. Finally, I try to help them shape and mold an agreement that is in the best interest of everyone involved; one they can live with. When they are finished, the two parties can complete the divorce process.

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