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Social media dominates our electronic culture. We are drawn to it, to give us a glimpse into people’s private lives. People post everything, the interesting, the salacious, the relevant and the boring. We post innocuous pictures and words; we post items that could be very harmful to us.

The use of Social media posts, on sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, in the Courtroom, has become very probative.

People in child support, spousal support, alimony and/or divorce cases, who may be claiming they have decreased or no income, post items on Social media that they are making money, where they are working, whom they are working for and the like. People allege their businesses are failing, yet they brag on the internet about how well they are doing economically.

People in child custody cases post pictures of themselves drinking alcohol to excess, driving cars too fast, smoking or taking illegal substances and worse or simply berating the other parent or party.

The simple advice we give our clients is: Don’t Post. Period. Whether you think it is good, you know it is bad or you are not sure, just don’t post. One never knows what a Judge will think in looking at your post. If you are involved in litigation or if your relationship is shaky or worse, don’t post. It is a simple piece of advice: Don’t post.

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