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Now more than ever before...

Lawyers in Custody, Support, and Divorce cases are using postings by parties to these matters on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like as tools to discredit parties in these cases. While Pennsylvania law is still developing in this area, many Family Court judges treat these postings as voluntary admissions to conduct which people might otherwise not wish to be disclosed in these cases.

The following are some examples of Social Media used by this Law Firm in Family Law Cases:



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Social media is proving to have a serious impact on your Family Law matters. We urge our clients to both stop posting on social media and to take down what has been posted or restrict access. A good rule to remember is that once something is on the Internet, it never goes away. If you are a party to a Support, Custody, Divorce or other Family Law matters, before you post, ask yourself: “What would a Judge in my case think of this posting?”

The simple answer is to stop posting altogether.

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