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Effective May 20, 2014, with the legalization of same-sex marriage in Philadelphia, the Prothonotaries and Clerks of the Family Courts in Pennsylvania will begin accepting Divorce Complaints from married same-sex couples. Until that date, same-sex couples who were married outside of Pennsylvania, but resided in Pennsylvania, could not obtain a Divorce Decree since the Family Courts in Pennsylvania would not accept Divorce Complaints from same-sex couples.

Effectively, those people were trapped in a marriage they could not end.

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The Governor of Pennsylvania announced on May 21, 2014 that Pennsylvania will not appeal this decision. Therefore, the court decision from May 20, which served to make Same-Sex Marriage legal, is now the law of Pennsylvania.

Same-Sex partners are now free to marry and divorce. Same-Sex partners have the same rights and responsibilities as heterosexual couples with regard to these issues.

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