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Qualified Domestic Relations Order, "QDRO"

Many people assume that because a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is a standardized means of dividing retirement accounts, it is simply a technicality that does not require detailed analysis. This is not correct.

It is easy for divorcing couples — especially the spouse who has earned less income throughout a marriage — to overlook the importance of getting experienced legal counsel before signing a QDRO.

At the Schwartz, Fox & Saltzman, LLC., we take great care to ensure that this critical piece of retirement asset division is done properly. In QDRO matters, as in all aspects of a Pennsylvania divorce, we advocate on each client’s behalf. We are careful to gather all necessary information in a timely manner and complete all documentation needed to protect my client’s best interests.

We both are litigation lawyers and attorneys with a strong mediation background. In all aspects of divorce, we aim to save my clients time and money while at the same time educating them on how to protect their long-term best interests.

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