Philadelphia Division of Retirement Assets

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Division of Retirement Assets

Division of retirement assets may be the single most important aspect of your Pennsylvania divorce. The way that you handle division of assets, such as the following, can have a great impact on your quality of life after your divorce is finalized:

What will become of your TIAA-CREF, Prudential or Merrill Lynch retirement accounts as your assets are divided in your divorce? Determining and understanding the answer to this key question is best accomplished by working with an attorney with abundant experience handling high net worth divorce cases.

Pennsylvania Divorce Division of Assets

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The Schwartz, Fox & Saltzman, LLC. is engaged in the practice of Family law and Domestic Relations. We welcome your inquiry regarding your divorce and issues such as 401(k) division. Rest assured that my goal is to move you through these challenges as expeditiously as the legal process of divorce will allow.

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We have a strong litigation background as well as extensive experience in Divorce Mediation. If we represent you, my focus as your lawyer will be on helping you stay in control in a divorce as well as saving you time and money in any way that you can.

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