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Perhaps the most important thing for parents that are divorced or separated to remember is that any custody or support orders in Pennsylvania are open to modification because they are focused on the rights of the child, not the parents. Children of divorced or separated parents generally have a right to spend time with their mother and their father, and to have their financial needs addressed by both.

We have helped divorcing and separating people establish child custody and support arrangements that make sense both during and after a divorce or separation.

Assistance with Child Support Modification in Pennsylvania

Contact our office to discuss your modification of custody and support needs. Since both custody and support are always modifiable in the best interest of the child, we can help clients handle such custody and support issues as:

Whatever your circumstances are, we have the background and experience to handle custody and support modification cases, either through the courts or the mediation process.

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Pennsylvania Child Support Arrangements

Because Pennsylvania is generally an income-based support calculation state, significant changes in a parent’s income can require modification of a child or spousal support order.  Our experienced team of child custody lawyers will help clients understand what type of situations call for a modification of custody or support, and help them negotiate, file a petition or properly file for changes.

Unfortunately, many parents continue to make support payments to a spouse or an adult child, after their obligation has legally concluded, their payments are treated as a voluntary gift if the payor fails to request a change. In the case of an emancipated child, support does not automatically cease. A parent must initiate a modification of support by filing a petition to terminate the support order.

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