Family Mediation vs. Litigation

Download eBook graphicSpouses making the decision to resolve a divorce through the courts or at the mediation table need to carefully weigh the constraints and benefits involved in each option. Couples can obtain help in making an informed decision that will impact their lives by seeking the advice of a divorce lawyer experienced in handling either process.

I’m Lee A. Schwartz, a family law attorney offering more than 30 years of experience in the Philadelphia area. I am mediator and a trained arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association. Contact my office to discuss your impending divorce.

What You Should Know About Mediation vs. Litigation in Philadelphia

Divorce mediation is an unbiased process where a couple meets with a trained mediator outside of court to discuss and resolve all matters in a divorce, including dividing assets, custody, and support arrangements. Mediation works best when candidates can manage their emotions and agree to stay focused on the issues.

When you are not out to hurt your spouse, but wish to resolve your divorce quickly and with less pain, this method of alternative dispute resolution allows the parties to take ownership of your divorce rather than allowing a judge to decide your financial future. The result is a more harmonious method of resolving differences that takes months rather than years and is less costly than litigation.

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When Litigation Makes the Most Sense

As a spouse in divorce litigation, you meet with a lawyer who will represent you exclusively before a judge or jury in a contested claim against your spouse. The process of gathering evidence and presenting a case is highly complex and best left to a family lawyer skilled in handling divorces in court.

Divorce litigation can often take more time to fully resolve than mediation and is likely to cost more than mediation. However, sometimes it is the best course of action when spouses are not candidates for mediation.

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Regardless of whether you choose to go to court or mediation in your divorce, I am a skilled divorce attorney who will help you understand the detailed issues, processes and likely outcome of each approach. For more information about choosing a divorce option that works best for your needs, contact me, attorney Lee A. Schwartz.

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