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If You Are Filing for Spousal Support

Spousal support can provide a means of livelihood for a dependent spouse during the period of time leading up to a divorce. A spousal support order issued by a Family law Court will be determined by way of a formula. The spouse who earns more money than the other will make payments to the dependent one until a divorce is completed. If support continues after the divorce, it will be in the form of alimony.

How To Get Spousal Support in the Philadelphia Area

Spousal support typically applies during the interim between a separation and a divorce. If you have been a dependent spouse, meaning you earn less than your spouse, and you and your spouse have separated or will soon separate in Pennsylvania, you should talk to a lawyer about support as soon as possible. Learn about how to prepare documentation that will take into account any special issues such as:

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In order for one spouse to be ordered to pay support to the other during this time, a husband and wife must be physically separated. They may be living in the same household and if the dominant spouse is not contributing to household bills, a support order can be entered.

We often tell our clients that a well-managed divorce is a creative process. If you are able to put anger aside and let reason prevail, you greatly improve your chances of achieving a good outcome. We are committed to ensuring that once you become a client of the Schwartz, Fox & Saltzman, LLC., you will know how to present the appropriate economic information to the Family Court. This way, the most accurate and realistic spousal support order can be issued by the court.

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