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When a parent fails to comply with child custody or support orders, he or she may be charged with contempt of court. If you are failing to fulfill your custody and support obligations, it is important to work with an attorney to develop a modified plan. If you are the custodial parent pursuing missed payments, an experienced family law attorney can represent you and the interests of your children.

Child Support Enforcement

Parents who have not received support payments for children in their custody may petition the court to enforce the terms of the divorce decree. If the alleged offender is found to be in contempt of court, he or she may be subject to enforcement actions such as wage and bank account garnishment.

During the contempt proceedings, an alleged offender will have opportunity to provide explanation as to the delinquency of child support payments. If there is just cause, a judge may establish modification in payment guidelines differing from the original child support order. Otherwise, if the offender is found to be in contempt, he or she may be subject to enforcement actions.

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Child Support Enforcement in Philadelphia

Child custody cases can be highly volatile. When parents are enmeshed in their own concerns, they become unable to make agreements that address even the simplest events, such as who will drive the child to the soccer game. It is inefficient for parents and for judges to rule on the minutia of a custody agreement when, in the end, parents will do as they choose, potentially ending up in contempt of a court order.

To address these smaller, but important, issues in custody matters, a judge may appoint a parent coordinator. The coordinator is able to listen to the parties involved and make a ruling on the issues rather than taking each issue before a judge. If either party disagrees with the parent coordinator’s ruling, he or she has a right to appeal and have a judge review the situation.

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