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There are countless reasons why many heterosexual couples end up living together in a cohabitation arrangement without marrying. Even without a marriage, most people who enter into “living together” situations realize that they are making a commitment that has more consequences than simply sharing an apartment with a roommate. If you are preparing to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or already share a household with a domestic partner, you are wise to consider discussing your situation with a good Family lawyer.

Why You Should Have a Cohabitation Agreement

Naturally, your domestic partnership is more than a social relationship. Sooner or later, there will be business matters that you will want to have clarity on. You may be commingling funds. You may share ownership of assets. You may be parenting a child or children together. You may have incurred debts jointly. Whatever the background of your relationship and whatever your goals, you are welcome to contact us, a team of Family Lawyers from the Schwartz, Fox & Saltzman, LLC., to learn about steps you can take to gain peace of mind. We have helped unmarried heterosexual couples and LGBT couples enter into cohabitation agreements that spelled out:

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Pennsylvania does not recognize common-law marriages or same-sex marriages. A cohabitation agreement is essentially a business-like arrangement that makes previous assumptions and verbal agreements clear and enforceable.

Note: A cohabitation agreement does not take the place of estate planning and advance health care planning that every adult with assets and responsibilities should address.

Cohabitation Agreement Law Firms in Philadelphia

We are lawyers who believe in customized legal services. We can advise and assist you in legal arrangements that can give you peace of mind in light of your live-in relationship with a significant other.

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