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In Pennsylvania, restraining orders are known as protection from abuse orders. These orders offer protection from unwanted behaviors such as abuse, harassment or stalking, as indicated by state statute.

I’m Lee A. Schwartz, a family law attorney offering more than 30 years of legal experience to clients throughout the five-county Philadelphia area. I represent those seeking protection from domestic violence and stalking as well as individuals who have protection from abuse complaints filed against them. Contact me for an initial consultation.

The Process of Obtaining a Protection From Abuse Order

To obtain a protection from abuse order, the party who claims to be abused must file a petition for the restraining order. Immediately, an ex parte order may be entered for either protection only or for an eviction order pending a full hearing.

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At the hearing, scheduled seven to ten days from the order being entered, a judge will either dismiss the order based on testimony and evidence or enter a final protection order. If the petition is related to a nonviolent event, the judge may give a 60- to a 90-day continuance to allow the parties to cool off. If the judge foresees a continuing threat, he or she may issue a long-term, three-year order of protection.

Protection from abuse orders can have negative consequences for the alleged offender. If you have been named in a complaint, it is essential to protect yourself by working with an attorney experienced in handling domestic relations matters including divorcecustody, and abuse.

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