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We have represented people residing in over twenty-five countries and from five continents. Our experience in these complex and unique matters makes our Firm uniquely qualified to address your legal needs in this multi-national litigation and obtain the best results possible.

Many times, we partner with local counsel, if necessary, in the foreign country so we are best prepared to address your concerns. Having access to counsel in the foreign country many times gives us a distinct advantage in our representation of people in this area of law.

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Further, through the use of technology, we can conduct a mediation, a collaborative law case and/or private arbitration for our clients, with one party in Pennsylvania and the other party in their country which is outside of the United States. These disputes can be discussed, negotiated and resolved from the comfort of your own home. Documents are emailed between the parties and our attorney who is assisting you.

If you have any cross-border family law issues and need advice, please contact us. We’d be happy to help.

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