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For the vast majority of people in our state, child support payments are determined by a formula known as the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines. The income of each parent is put into this formula. Based on the total income and the number of children, the formula will provide an overall figure for basic child support. Each parent’s obligation will be a percentage of that number, based on the spouses’ relative incomes. The guidelines only apply when the total monthly net income for both parties is $30,000 or less. If your total monthly income is greater than $30,000, a high-end child support process applies.

Pennsylvania Child Support Obligation Guidelines

The guidelines only consider the income of the husband and wife. Expenses are not considered in calculating a guidelines support obligation, unless one has what the law considers an “extraordinary expense.” In addition to the support amount, other expenses not a part of the basic guidelines number include child care, summer camp, and certain medical expenses. These expenses are shared by the parties, in addition to the child support amount.

A child support order is never a permanent order. It is always modifiable if there is a change of circumstances which would warrant either an increase or a decrease.

High-Asset Child Support Process

If the net monthly income of both parties combined exceeds $30,000, the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines do not apply in the calculation of support. There is a different method of calculating.

We cannot emphasize strongly enough that your selection of legal counsel in high-end child support cases may be critical. You should consider looking only to very experienced family law counsel to represent you. The pitfalls are many and, unless your Philadelphia child support lawyer has experience with this particular sub-specialty, you could be very disappointed with the results.

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