Contempt of Court Orders in the Philadelphia Area

Court orders stemming from a divorce or family law dispute should be followed exactly as they are laid out in the final agreement, in many cases. Failure to comply with these court orders may result in someone being found in contempt of court.

I’m Lee A. Schwartz, a Philadelphia attorney with 30 years of experience serving clients in the five-county area. I assist clients who are pursuing child support payments or compliance with a visitation schedule. I also work with those who are failing to meet their obligations. As an experienced mediator and litigation lawyer, I am able to help resolve these issues through negotiated settlements and in trial if necessary.

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Contempt of Court Orders and Modification

A parent seeking child support payments may petition the family court to enforce the terms of a support order. If the court finds the alleged offender to be in contempt of court, it may issue enforcement actions, such as wage garnishment. In extreme cases, the person may be sentenced to jail.

Such drastic measures are not always necessary, however. Parents may have a just cause for not making the payments, such as job loss or a significant reduction in income. In these instances, modification of the child support amount may be the more appropriate solution.

Similarly, a parent may be found in contempt of court for not following a child custody order. While some of these cases involve serious infractions, such as not allowing the other parent the scheduled custody time, many more cases involve minor disagreements. Who should pick up the child from school? Who will bring the child to sports games? A judge may appoint a parent coordinator to work with parents on these issues.

I represent either party in hearings to determine whether contempt of court orders are justified. My goal is to help clients obtain a fair and reasonable outcome that fully addresses the issue at hand.

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