Can You Get a Divorce with Just a Mediator

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The short answer is yes, you can get a divorce with just mediation in Pennsylvania. 

In this article, the Philadelphia divorce mediation lawyers at Schwartz, Fox & Saltzman explain what divorce mediation is, how to complete the divorce process using mediation, and what divorce mediation does for your family. 

If you are considering getting a divorce and you and your spouse are still able to communicate with one another, you might consider engaging in divorce mediation to expedite the divorce process, make it easier on the whole family, and reduce the expense of divorce. Our firm has over 40 years of experience helping families in the Philadelphia area get through a divorce with the best results possible. We can help your family too. Call us today.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, like arbitration and collaborative law. Instead of litigating the issues arising from divorce in court, which is an expensive and acrimonious process, couples decide to meet with a neutral third party professional mediator to discuss their concerns and negotiate and decide issues such as spousal support, child support, child custody, and property distribution.

Couples considering divorce can also use divorce mediation to determine issues arising from separation, before the final decree is entered.

Basic Steps to Divorce Mediation

  1. Agree with your spouse that you intend to engage in divorce mediation.
  2. Find a divorce mediation lawyer who practices   whom you feel comfortable and confident working with.
  3. Gather information and documents regarding your incomes, expenses, assets, and debts.
  4. Think about what custody, support, and property distribution arrangements work for you.
  5. Meet with the divorce mediation lawyer and make a good faith effort to negotiate, consider your spouse’s views, and consider the input of the mediator.
  6. Attend divorce mediation as many sessions as is necessary. .  
  7. While generally mediators do not allow the parties’ lawyers in mediation sessions, if you get “stuck” on a particular issue, you are free to consult with a divorce lawyer for advice and bring that advice with you to your mediation session. 

Why You Might Consider Divorce Mediation

There are several notable benefits of divorce mediation, which we explain below.

1. Encourages Spouses to Work Together

The first benefit of divorce mediation is you and your spouse work together, and with the help of the mediator, negotiate and compromise on the issues of vital importance to your family. The divorce mediation process empowers couples to discuss situations as they arise with one another and work together to co-parent their children, if there are children of the relationship.

2. Not a Contentious Process

Another benefit is divorce mediation is not a contentious process, like litigation. You and your spouse are not fighting one another, rather, you are amicably collaborating on solutions to the issues arising from divorce that work for your family.

3. Saves Time and Money

Yet another benefit is divorce mediation saves you both time and money in getting divorced. Often, couples using divorce mediation to settle their issues are able to file an uncontested divorce.

4. Good for High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce mediation is especially beneficial in a high-asset or high net worth divorce where the property distribution is complex and confidentiality is necessary. Be sure to choose a divorce mediator experienced in high net worth divorces.

5. Couples Control the Outcome

The last benefit is by engaging in divorce mediation, couples control the outcome rather than having a family law judge impose custody, support, or property distribution arrangements on them. 

Find the Right Divorce Mediator for You

Be sure to meet with your divorce mediation lawyer prior to retaining them. You must be comfortable talking with them about intensely personal subjects and also confident your divorce mediation lawyer has the experience and skill to get the job done.

Call us to discuss whether divorce mediation is right for you. Our experienced, kind, and compassionate mediators can help you resolve the issues arising from divorce without making matters more difficult than they are already. We look forward to helping your family through this.

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